Love Horoscope: 31 October – 6 November



Be aware of situations that would cause you to push your lover or sweetheart away.

You might not even realize it, more than ever, you will be in need of freedom and space.

Tell them how you feel and be simple in airing your emotions – they will understand it if you tell them you need a quality time alone for a better ‘you’ to emerge.


Never let social life interrupt your love life. Best you embrace it and try your very best not to let things stress you out too much.

Watch out for invite out of the blue, all of a sudden, to an event or gathering that would ruin your plan with your heartrob.

This week, your sweetheart could develop feelings against your friends if you let your social life clash with your romantic life.

Breakups are bound to happen if you can’t strike a balance between your social and romantic life.


For those of you who are single, you may be dealing with an influx of dates, and even exes appearing out of the woodwork.

Don’t get too excited, Sagittarius – this energy isn’t very reliable at all, and is far, far better for playing around than for taking anything seriously.


Communication seems problematic this week, you may say something very quickly, only to regret your words instantly.

With this in mind, be extra mindful of the promises that you could be making to your partner, your mind is not clear enough to make strong decisions or to say strong words – try to have a second and third thought on every words or decision you will make.

Things will not go as planned, expect sudden changes that are not expectant. These changes will put time in slow motion and you could be frustrated.


It looks like you have a great deal going on inside of yourself this week, you might not even be totally conscious of the inner dramas playing out, and you’ll need to be very careful of becoming destructive in your external world and relationships.

For example, you may have a powerful driving need to break free of the structures in your world and run for the hills. Your lover will sense this, and perhaps become a little clingier, which could make you want to run away even more.

The uphill task before you this evening is “how you would slow down and be present with yourself and with your sweetheart.”

Be wary of your lust for opposite sex, the feeling will come so easy and you can be lost in the trap of lust.


Being someone who puts their family and loved ones first, this may feel a little unsettling to you. you do like to be in control, after all.

But even you can’t control what’s coming your way at the moment – the Universes will hit you with surprises.

You will be stressed, and you might take that out on your special person. Study your anxiety levels and know how to outdo your stress.


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