What is the international legal status for car license plates of areas of Ukraine annexed by Russia


The first system was introduced in 1992 and was based on the last Soviet license plate conception, regulated by the 1977 standard, but with the addition of a new regional suffix corresponding to a Ukrainian province.

In 1993, the left-hand side of the plate was modified with the addition of the national flag over the country code “UA”.

In order to enable drivers using their vehicle abroad (even to the extension of Russia), and in order to adhere to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, Ukrainian regular license plates use only those Cyrillic characters where the glyph resembles a letter from the Roman alphabet; a total of 12 characters: А, В, Е, І, К, М, Н, О, Р, С, Т, Х). Before 1995, the “Я” character was also used. For some types of black-background plates can be used completely Cyrillic characters.

– Ukraine’s map of registration code

Meanwhile, some vehicles, like trolleybuses, are not required to have license plates, because they can not leave the network they operate on and can be identified by a number painted on the vehicle and assigned to it by the local public transport authority.

But get ready the number of documents below. To register your car, you will have to submit them.-Roadworthiness certificate and proof of roadworthiness-Registration certificate-Proof of ownership-Proof of value-added tax (VAT) payment-Proof of insurance cover-Certificate of conformity for new cars.

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