What is Zendaya’s most disturbing movie scene?

What is Zendaya's most disturbing movie scene?

Anyone who has seen the chaotic series Euphoria will not only appreciate Zendaya’s incredible talent, but also the amount of work she must have put into the movie to deliver such an incredible role. Euphoria tells us about Rue Bennet, a young girl struggling with drug addiction and how it affects her life and the lives of those around her.

In the series, we see Zendaya play a different role from what we are used to seeing from her. Her onscreen performance is mostly but not limited to the tough girl persona with a romantic interest. This is common in most if the Spiderman movies. Seeing her play an entirely different role in Euphoria is very impressive.

We can only imagine how she must have prepared for the role as it is focused on a drug addict fighting addiction. This kind of role showcases a different kind of vulnerability, and Zendaya delivers the role quite perfectly. Playing the role on its own may be challenging, but there are a few scenes of Zendaya that seemed disturbing, and must have felt the same way for the actress herself.

One of the most challenging scenes in the series was part where she relapsed after coming home from rehab, and violently abused her mother and sister. She had to be forcefully taken back afterwards. The actress Zendaya reported to having bruises and small cuts after filming some scenes as she went really hard on herself.

It may be worthy to note that Zendaya is regarded as a Disney star as she starred in Disney movies before transitioning fully into Hollywood. A very good example of her famous Disney movie is KC Undercover.

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