Why is Russia not a normal country like Germany


Over the years, Russia has painted itself to be is “an aggressor state”, instead of a “normal country.”
One of the reasons is because the activities carried out in Russia is what the international community can accept and tolerate.

Russian had “attacked” and “occupied” Georgian territory “to create quasi-national entities” and “destabilize” the region. The situation can be compared to Russian occupation in parts of Ukraine today.

“Russia’s aggressive, imperial policy, which deprives people of their development…and leads to the destruction of countries and to warfare in which people die and are wounded, is a policy that cannot be tolerated by the international community,” said Duda of Poland President.

Russian government has portrayed itself to continue to pursue imperial and aggressive politics without respect for international law – one thing a normal country will not do.

'Just the start' - Russia's former president, Medvedev, calls for regime change in Ukraine and promises more attacks till Zelenskyy loses power

Over the years, relations between Russia and Germany have been a series of alienations, distinguished for their bitterness, and of rapprochement, remarkable for their warmth.

A cardinal factor in the relationship has been the existence of an independent Poland when separated by a buffer state the two great Powers of eastern Europe have been friendly, whereas a contiguity of frontiers has bred hostility.

Germany fought against Russia in World War I (1914–1918). Relations were warm in the 1920s, very cold in the 1930s, friendly in 1939–41,[2] and then turned into war to the death in 1941–45. In the 1920s both countries co-operated with each other in trade and (secretly) in military affairs.

Hostilities escalated in the 1930s as the Fascists sponsored by Berlin and the Communists sponsored by Moscow fought each other across the world, most famously in the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939).

In the course of years and events, Germany chose to be a normal country while Russia portrays itself as an aggressor state.

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