DAN WOOTTON: Meghan’s Latest Tirade Should Be Final Straw For Harry

DAN WOOTTON: Meghan's Latest Tirade Should Be Final Straw For Harry

There comes a point in every toxic relationship when friends and family of the injured party must put aside their own grievances in order to save their loved one from a life of misery.

Regardless of the limited chance of success, an intervention must be organized to try to protect the troubled duke and talk to the couple to separate fact from fiction.

Because it’s now abundantly clear to everyone that Meghan Markle seems out of touch with reality and is on a mission to take down the royal family, no matter the cost.

The emotionally vulnerable Harry – once a popular and likable fellow – seems to have been transported to an alternate universe that is embarrassing and harmful to all parties, especially the monarchy.

The Rubicon has been crossed with the former actress’ latest outrageous rant against the royal family and Britain for The Cut magazine to promote its new Spotify podcast with a catalog of distortions.

As the dutiful 96-year-old queen fights for her health, thousands die in floods in the Commonwealth country of Pakistan and Britain is gripped by a cost of living crisis, Meghan appears to be on a mission to do maximum damage to her. British relatives by deploying dubious ‘truth bombs’.

The problem is, most of her carefully crafted monarchy and media-damaging grenades are mostly questionable.

Like her mistaken belief is that she couldn’t drop Archie off at school in the UK without 40 photographers taking pictures with a press pen.

Meghan moaned, “Sorry, I have a problem with that. That doesn’t make me obsessed with privacy. That makes me a strong and good parent who protects my child.’

Um, the problem is that such a scenario is total nonsense – Prince William and Kate drop off and pick them up at school virtually every day, with their three children, including a future king, without a single photo in the British media. is published. There is certainly no press pin!

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