Influencers and personal users panic as Instagram malfunctions

Influencers and personal users panic as Instagram malfunctions

Several individuals, business owners and influencers have taken to twitter and other social media platforms to rant and panic about Instagram shutting down and malfunctioning.

Around 1 pm GMT on Tuesday, 31st of October, 2022, Instagram malfunctioned, shutting people out of their accounts and suspending several accounts. Several individuals reported that they were suddenly logged out of their accounts and could not log back in.

The incident, was confirmed to be a worldwide problem as several people from all over the world complained of similar issues with their accounts.

While the cause of the glitch is not known yet, the official twitter account of Instagram assured the public that they are working to resolve the issue.

Several members of the public panicked over the Instagram glitch as the platform was their business platform and source of livelihood. The fact that several users were logged out of their accounts instilled fear as many believed their accounts have been deactivated.

Fortunately, the issue seems to have been resolved as the platform is up and running again, however several users have complained of loosing followers by the hundreds and by the thousands. Most if not all of the users that were logged out have been automatically logged back in.

We certainly hope better measures will be taken from mow on to ensure the safety of users accounts on the platform.

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