Shocking details emerge as woman dies while on vacation with friends in Mexico

Shocking details emerge as woman dies while on vacation with friends in Mexico

New details about a woman who reportedly died while on vacation with friends in Mexico has surfaced. The family of the deceased were told that she died of alcohol poisoning meanwhile new information has shown that was not the case.

The deceased, A 25 year old woman named Shanquella Robinson reportedly went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico on the 28th of October 2022 with her friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them. She was reported dead a day later.

Initially told that their daughter died of alcohol poisoning, Bernard and Salamondra Robinson would later realize that there was more to their daughter death.

According to the mother Salamondra, she said ”I spoke with her on Friday evening on the 28th of October. She was having dinner and I never spoke with her again.”

The friends would later call her parents and tell them that Shanquella had alcohol poisoning and was being attended to by medical professionals. The group of friends reportedly left her body in the vacation rental and returned back to the United States.

With the autopsy report being released, it was confirmed that Shanquella did not die of alcohol poisoning. The report stated that she had a broken neck, a spasm and a cracked spinal cord.

The report showed that the victim had been attacked. Furthermore, a video has surfaced, and it shows the victim Shanquella being brutally beaten by one of the friends she travelled with.

The Department of State has become involved in the investigation of Shanquella’s death.

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