What is the biggest secret danger in the world, and many people around the world ignore it


According to Anderson Dourado, the mosquito is the biggest secret danger in the world that people often ignore.

Mosquito is animal that causes the most death in the world, being a vector of diseases that kill or disable millions each year.

With a body that looks like a perfect killing machine, the mosquito has exactly 100 eyes in its little head.

In its mouth, which can hardly be seen under a microscope, it has 48 teeth. On the chest, one for the center and two for the wings, there are 3 hearts and in each heart 2 atria and 2 ventricles.

It has a heat receptor to find living things with heat, with a sensitivity of one thousandth of a degree Celsius.

It has a very advanced blood analyzer, with an anesthetic device and an anticoagulant so that its victim does not react to the sting and to easily absorb the blood.

There are six small blades in its suction tube, where four make a square incision and the other two form a tube to absorb the blood.

They also have claws and hooks on their feet to hold onto their food source.

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