What was Queen Elizabeth II like in person?

What is the white dotted fur one sees around the base of British Monarch's crown

The late Queen Elizabeth II may have been one of the greatest monarch of England, but she was human first, just like the rest of us.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest ruling monarch in the history of rulers of Great Britain, ruling for 70 years. However, since she was little, she had been in the spotlight.

Born to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth was not supposed to be a ruler, that is until her uncle abdicated the throne, causing her father, King George V to become king.

For as long as anyone can remember, Queen Elizabeth has been queen of England, and has followed numerous protocols associated with royalty.

This can make it rather difficult to know the kind of person she was besides the crown. Fortunately, very few people besides her family members have had the opportunity to know the kind of person the Queen truly is.

Most people can tell that the late Queen was not the kind of person to show case her emotions or wear them on her sleeve. She was seen by several people as reserved, formal and accommodating, however all these are expected of a monarch.

It might be surprising to find out what Queen Elizabeth was really like in person.

For one thing, Queen Elizabeth loved the outdoors very much. She had a collection of horses, dogs and cars for spending time outdoors. This trait showed a love of sport and being active. She is not known to be holed up indoors.

Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth was said to be delighted whenever she is not recognized in a public environment. This shows above all else, that she enjoys being herself sometimes and not having to follow protocol all the time.

Finally, it may be hard to accept that Queen Elizabeth was a lively one or the life of the party herself, but that may be evident by the fact that she enjoyed hosting parties and receiving people. The Queen’s sister Princess Margaret may have been known as the royal party girl, Queen Elizabeth shared this particular trait with her sister.

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