China’s crematoriums ‘are overwhelmed’ as Beijing abandons failed Zero Covid strategy and experts say wave could kill 2 MILLION


Up to two million people could be killed by coronavirus in China next year. China’s crematoriums are overwhelmed with bodies as Covid-19 rips through the country following it abandoning its zero-Covid policy – but authorities still insist only seven people have died since lockdowns ended.

The Chinese government has reported only seven Covid-19 deaths since restrictions were loosened dramatically on December 7, bringing the country’s total toll to 5,241.

Relatives gather near the bed of a sickened patient at the emergency department of the Langfang No. 4 People’s Hospital as wards across China fill up with Covid patients

But much of the Chinese population are said to not believe these figures, with one funeral shop worker telling journalists crematoriums are simply overwhelmed by bodies: ‘They work day and night, but they can’t burn them all.’

On Tuesday, a Chinese health official said that China only counts deaths from pneumonia or respiratory failure in its official COVID-19 death toll.

Experts have forecast between a million and 2 million deaths in China next year, and the World Health Organization warned that Beijing’s way of counting would ‘underestimate the true death toll.’

A Covid patient on a stretcher in the emergency ward of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University in China’s southwestern city of Chongqingon Thursday

Up to 250million people caught Covid in the first 20 days of December in China, officials estimate as the country’s pandemic chaos continues to unfold.

Sun Yang, a deputy director at the CCDC, revealed the latest figures at a health briefing on Wednesday.

They include 37million people who were infected on Tuesday alone, which accounted for around 2.6 per cent of the country’s population.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes 18 per cent of the population have been infected, after Beijing U-turned on its controversial zero Covid policy last month.

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