Concerns grow for American college student, 22, who has disappeared while studying abroad in France


A college student by name Kim was supposed to return home for the holidays this week but he is yet to be found. His parents last heard from him on November 27, but now his phone no longer rings.

Kenneth DeLand, 22, was due to be home for the holidays this week but his family hasn’t heard from him for more than two weeks.

The desperate family of the college student has pleaded for help from FBI to join their hands for the search.

Ken, 22, was last seen at a sporting goods store in the south of France nine days ago

Ken’s mom has been messaging him every day in efforts to reach him:

‘I say Kenny, Kenny just call me. Just pick up the phone, you can talk to me about anything’, the distraught woman said.

It was reported that he had been staying with a host family while studying at the University of Grenoble Alpes.

His last message to his family was a WhatsApp message dated on November 27 informing them he was taking a train to Valence in southeastern France.

Ken’s father and mother, pictured left and right respectively, said: ‘it’s not characteristic of Kenny to not reach out to us and let us know what’s going on.

He was spotted on surveillance cameras at a sporting goods store in Alpine resort Montelimar on December 3 as he made a purchase of $8.40 at 9am according to his bank records.

This was the last time he was last seen. Prior to this time, a college liaison worker has contacted his family to inform that their son is missing – he has not reported to class and not returned to his host family.

The college had filed a missing persons report because they hadn’t seen him for 24 hours.

‘It’s not characteristic of Kenny to not reach out to us and let us know what’s going on,’ Ken’s father said.

His mom appeared on Good Morning America and said: ‘If anybody has a way to help us and find him, help us. With the officials, please help us.’

Surveillance footage shows the college student (pictured entering the store in a red jacket) in his last known appearance. DeLand’s family has launched a website to track him down

She said she still messages her son every day: ‘I say Kenny, Kenny just call me. Just pick up the phone, you can talk to me about anything.

Meanwhile, a former FBI special agent has advised the parents [based on his experiences] that it is best if the parents can fly there – if they can afford the means and to basically work with the police eyeball to eyeball.

‘At the very least, you have to keep your voice in front of these investigators if not every day, at least every week,’ Brad Farrett said.

It is now gathered that the family have launched a website to raise awareness about Ken’s missing status as he is listed on the French missing persons list.

‘We are extremely worried and want him to return home safe. We fear the worst and want him to be located,’ the parent wrote on the website.

Together with FBI, Study abroad organizers and the American Institute for Foreign Study has joined their hands and voices for Ken’s safety.

‘We have been in contact with Kenneth’s family and university and we are hoping for his swift and safe return,’ the organizer said.

Ken is about six feet tall and 190 pounds and he was last seen wearing a red jacket, scarf, a gray beanie, blue pants, a black backpack and sneakers.

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