Leading adult site reveals top trends in 2022 showing users from red states stay on the longest


Pornhub has released its 2022 Year in Review, informing the public ‘the categories most searched by region’.

The adult video-hosting website said that the “transgender” category grew in 2022 by 75 percent internationally, and ranks as the seventh most popular category.

The term ranked No.1 in Brazil as ‘transgender’ jumps in popularity.

‘In the US users in Republican states remain on the website longer than those visiting from Democratic states and the term ‘trans’ was also searched disproportionally more in historically Republican state West Virginia.’

It is reported that the U.S. accounted for the majority of the traffic on the website, the UK was second, followed by France, Japan, Mexico, Italy and Germany.

Popular searches varied significantly across the US

In America, the states that stayed on the site the longest were: Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi. These six states voted Republican in the last four presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Washington, Delaware, Oregon, and Minnesota all featured in the states that spent the shortest time on Pornhub – all four of which voted Democrat in the last four presidential elections.

Search terms entered into the site varied across the US, suggestive of state-by-state demographic and religious differences.

‘Dominican’ is the term that ruled in New York, while ‘Asian’ proved to be the most popular in California.

It has been found out that Tuesday at 5am tended to be the time when the fewest people were on the site while Monday night at 11pm drew the most traffic.

In 2022, 84 percent of visitors to the site came on their mobile phones, while 13 percent were browsing on desktop computers and 3 percent on tablets.

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