Pope WARNS he has seen ‘omens of even greater destruction and desolation’ for mankind


The Pope has seen the ‘future’ in ‘present’ and has warned the mankind of things that would be.

The 85-year-old Pope, at a Mass at the Vatican said on Sunday that he has seen ‘omens of even greater destruction and desolation’.

He said this in a Mass that commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a young man, Saint Juan Diego, in 1531 in Mexico City. 

‘It is a bitter time, filled with the rumbling of war, growing injustice, famine, poverty and suffering,’ but at this ‘bleak and disconcerting’ time, there are ‘omens of even greater destruction and desolation,’ the Pope said in his homily.

‘God’s ‘divine love and his coming down to us tell us that this too is a propitious time of salvation, in which the Lord, through the Virgin Mother, continues to give us his Son’.

‘Get involved with each other without delay, to go out to meet our brothers and sisters who have been forgotten and discarded by our consumerist and indifferent societies’.

As he concluded his speech in the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, he said:

‘Virgin Mary invites US to leave behind all the prejudices and fears that populate our hearts and to trust in the true God for whom we live, joyfully and confidently directing us to reaffirm our belonging to the Lord’.

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