REVENGE: Iranian woman admits stabbing man after US killing of military boss


Nika Nikoubin, an Iranian woman admitted trying to kill her PlentyOfFish date during sex at a Vegas hotel to avenge a US drone killing of a military leader, saying to cops ‘it’s fair that American blood be spilled.’

The 22-year-old has now been indicted on charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon because of certain, actual or perceived characteristics of a person, and two counts of battery.

She met her victim on the dating website before agreeing to meet the man at the Sunset Station hotel and rented a hotel room together before they started drinking.

Henderson Police body cam footage shows the moment that Nikoubin admitted to officers that she stabbed the man in the neck multiple times while on top of him having ‘intercourse’.

Nika recalled the incident: ‘We were drinking a little bit and then — I guess we started to get into it and then I stabbed him.’

Cops found her naked in a utility area on the 14th floor of the hotel after the victim called 911.

The cop also asked her: ‘Did you plan on meeting [the victim] to hurt him?’

She answered: ‘Yes.’Nikoubin was then asked: ‘You did. To kill him or just to hurt him?’

‘Hurt him,’ she answered.

A visual from the footage showing the interior of the hotel room where Nikoubin stabbed the man she was having sex with.

She put a blindfold on the victim as they engaged in sexual activity, turned the lights off and then stabbed the victim in the neck.

She had moved to Las Vegas the week before the stabbing, with cops finding her naked in a utility area on the 14th floor of the hotel after the victim called 911.

She confessed she only met him for the purpose of hurting him.

Nikoubin told officers that she wanted to get revenge for the US drone strike which killed Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani in 2020 – stabbing the victim with a pink knife.

When asked by officers why she stabbed the man she said: ‘I guess out of spite and revenge. I mean the U.S. killed Soleimani. Lots of blood spilled.’

Recalled that Soleimani was killed in an air strike ordered by then-President Donald Trump, as he was the right-hand man to the country’s supreme leader as he was labelled the ‘number-one terrorist.’

Qassem Soleimani was among seven people killed in a US missile attack at Baghdad Airport.

When cops asked her if she didn’t like Americans, Nikoubin replied: ‘Americans are cool. ‘Just I don’t think it was fair. I just felt like somebody on American soil should die because he also died.’

Court documents show that the stabbing victim suffered at least two puncture wounds to his neck during the incident.

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