Topless Argentinian fan faces jail time in Qatar after stripping off to celebrate her team’s dramatic World Cup final victory


An Argentinian football fan who stripped off for the cameras after the country’s stunning World Cup victory could be facing jail time in Qatar.

The young woman was spotted in the front row of Qatar’s Lusail Stadium on Sunday celebrating the stunning win alongside another topless male fan.

Pictured: The female Argentinian fan is seen whipping her top off and waving it around in celebration

In the build up to FIFA World Cup 2022, football fans were warned by authorities they were expected to show “respect for local culture” by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.

Though foreigners are not expected to wear traditional Muslim dress but they are encouraged to dress modestly and avoid revealing their shoulders or knees in public.

More so, FIFA’s Stadium Code of Conduct for the Qatar World Cup also prohibits fans from going shirtless while watching football matches.

The code of conduct states fans must not ‘remove items of clothing, or otherwise remain in a state of undress (including being shirtless) or reveal intimate body parts’.

The often glamourous WAGs were advised to wear scarves around their necks to cover up their chests.

After Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty kick sealed the win for Argentina, cameras turned towards cheering Argentina fans and among them was a blonde fan who gave the cameras a little more than was expected.

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