TRAUMA: This woman was left suicidal in her late teens after doctors dismissed her desire to transition


Elaine O’Neill, who lives in Glasgow, claimed she was refused surgery on the NHS from the age of 14.

The 35-year-old woman who is fundraising for surgery to make her face more feminine has revealed how her parents told her ‘God intended her to be a boy’ while experts ‘tried to talk her out of being transgender’.

Elaine O’Neill, 35, who lives in Glasgow, told FEMAIL she ‘always knew she was a girl from a young age’ and sought treatment on the NHS from the age of 14.

Elaine, who said she was bullied at school, said she ‘always knew she was a girl from a young age’ and sought treatment on the NHS from the age of 14

However she claims she was met with judgement by doctors, who told her to ‘spend time with other boys’ and ‘get a girlfriend’ – even suggesting a sexual assault which happened when she was just 11 could be the cause of her feelings.

In her tale, she described how the process of going through puberty was particularly traumatising AND now making efforts to raise hopes to raise £15,000 for Facial Feminisation Surgery which she hopes will solve her facial dysphoria. 

Sufferers of facial dysphoria often describe a ‘hatred’ for their facial features and will avoid going out in public. (Pictured: Elaine)

Elaine wasn’t aware about the transgender movement as a child, but described herself as a ‘nerdy kid who pieced things together’ from various medical records and internet sources.

She said she soon came to understand that she was a female born in the wrong body and sought medical help.

When Elaine got to the Gender Identity Clinic, she claimed she was met with interrogation about her sexuality, her mental health, her school life and family.

She was also asked about a childhood sexual assault incident, and said it was heavily implicated by medics that ‘the assault caused her dysphoria’.

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