Ukraine’s President Zelensky heavily criticised for White House outfit

'The president of Ukraine arrived at the White House dressed like the manager of a strip club demanding money and no one threw him out' - Tucker Carlson reacts to Zelensky's visit to White House (video)

Volodymyr Zelensky’s relaxed clothing has sparked a debate after his historic meeting with Joe Biden yesterday.

The Ukrainian president is believed to have made his first trip outside his home country since the Russian invasion began in February this year, flying to Washington on Wednesday to meet with the US president.

The 44-year-old Ukrainian leader arrived at the White House, where he was greeted by President Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden, before going on to address Congress.

While his 20-minute speech was widely praised and repeatedly interrupted by standing ovations, the clothing he wore to deliver has garnered some unmerited discussions.

While President Zelensky stuck to his military-style clothes, President Biden and the First Lady dressed formally.

While it is true that Zelensky has worn the same green war clothes since Russia invaded Ukraine in February – including to the G20 summit where he appeared via video link.

Some people have compared him to Churchill as he appeared before the US congress, but others said he should have worn a more respectful suit as he asked the House and Senate for more financial aid in the war effort.

Commentator Tucker Carlson accused the Ukrainian leader of dressing like the ‘manager of a strip club demanding money’ while the US suffers from its own border crisis.

‘He comes to the White House on a presidential visit and he is dressed like he is going camping,’ one Instagram user wrote.

‘With all the money we give them I am sure he could afford to wear a suit. I don’t care what the situation is and I don’t care about the reason he has to wear that ugly outfit, you’re invited to the White House dress accordingly.’

‘My goodness someone could have at least dressed him,’ another user agreed.

‘This man needs a suit,’ another person commented.

Neither Biden nor Zelensky showed potential willingness to listen to Russia's concerns - Kremlin reacts to Zelensky's White House visit
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was criticised heavily in America for turning up to the White House looking like a ‘strip club manager’ as he wore casual combat clothes

On the other hand, some online users claim they love what they saw.

‘I actually appreciate that he didn’t dress up,’ one supporter commented on the Vogue Instagram post.

‘He is showing that he’s still with his country mentally and still in the military mindset. He’s not here to schmooze or prove anything. He’s only here to request help for his people. I respect the hell out of him.’

‘Could he have worn a suit? Sure. But he’s in the USA to talk about what’s going on in his country, the outfit suits the whole situation. Its good that he’s making a statement.’

‘Zelensky and his cargo pants have my heart,’ another wrote simply.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky’s signature look is growing in popular. It is believed that President Zelensky was wearing an M-TAC jumper for the historic meeting with Biden.

M-TAC is a US clothing company, which has been making Zelensky’s olive green fleece sweatshirts.

Earlier this year the jumper became so popular that the brand went out of stock, promising only to restock upon a Ukrainian ‘victory.’

Meanwhile, one of Zelensky’s iconic jumpers was auctioned off in London for an incredible £90,000.

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