Dwyane Wade in court battle with ex-wife who opposes their 15-year-old transgender daughter Zaya legally changing her name and gender


Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade has gone back to court to fight his ex-wife’s petition to stop their transgender daughter from legally changing her name and gender. 

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Dwyane did not hold back in his response to Siohvaugh demanding the court shut down the court petition over Zaya.

Last year, Dwyane asked the court to sign off on Zion Malachi Airamis Wade becoming Zaya Malachi Airamis Wade.

In court documents, Dwyane said he had the ‘full authority’ to ‘make decisions on behalf of’ Zaya. The NBA legend was awarded full custody of his 2 children in 2011.

In response, Siohvaughn accused Dwyane of violating their custody deal.

She submitted a copy of the agreement which had a provision that said Dwyane shall discuss with and obtain input from his ex on ‘the major decisions affecting the care, welfare, activities, health, education, and religious upbringing of their two children.’

Dwyane Wade

The agreement does not state he needs permission from Siohvaughn.

The divorce order said that Dwyane was to keep Siohvaughn informed of ‘all doctors, nurses, health care providers, and mental health providers treating the minor children whether on a continuing basis or in connection with an isolated issue.’

Again, the deal did not state the ex-NBA star had to obtain approval for any medical decision over their children.

Zaya Wade (above), 15, has said she wants the name change after coming out as transgender. Wade says he has full custody over his kids and therefore doesn’t need his ex’s input

In her filing, Siohvaughn told the court she feared Dwyane ‘may be pressuring our child to move forward with the name and gender change in order to capitalize on the financial opportunities that he has received from companies.’

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade

She pointed to an April 2022 dinner with Dwyane where she said he talked about all the money Zaya could make ‘in relation to our child’s name and gender issue.’

Now, in Dwyane’s new filing, he said that the 2011 agreement is crystal clear.

In court documents, Dwyane said he had the ‘full authority’ to ‘make decisions on behalf of’ Zaya. The NBA legend was awarded full custody of his 2 children in 2011.

Further, he said Siohvaughn has not provided any substantive argument or evidence as to why the petition is not in Zaya’s best interest.

He said she relied on ‘unsubstantiated and nonsensical allegations about Dwayne.’

Further, he said while his ex submitted a portion of the 2011 court order, he claimed she failed to include pages that provided a detailed account of ‘Siohvaughn’s years-long campaign against Dwyane and her efforts to prevent Dwyane from having any relationship with his children.’

He said the court found her actions were not in the best interests of the children and granted sole custody to him.

The exes will face off in a hearing next week.

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