‘Help me be a woman again.’ Ever more young people who regret trans procedures launch desperate GoFundMe


With $7,820 pledged from more than 100 donors, Prisha Mosley is more than halfway to getting what’s needed to pay to reconstruct the breasts she now rues having removed by a surgeon six years ago.

Like a growing number of cash-strapped young people who come to regret their medical gender transitions, the Michigan student went online to raise cash to help her become the female she started out as.

There’s a long way to go for the 24-year-old in Big Rapids, who has manlike broad shoulders, narrow hips, a deep voice and facial and body hair from the testosterone injections she began aged 17.

Prisha Mosley, 24, started taking testosterone aged 17 and had her breasts removed the following year. She regrets her decisions and is raising money to pay for treatment to detransition

‘The laser hair removal is very expensive. I’m sure the surgery will be expensive,’ Mosley said.

‘Doctors only want to help when you’re switching gender, not going back. They have no idea what to do with us. There’s no standard of care. There’s no little rule book they can fall back on.’

Websites like GoFundMe and GiveSendDo have long been popular among hard-up young people who are unhappy or uncomfortable in their own skin and seek cash for the cross-sex hormones and surgical procedures needed to transition.It doesn’t always work out.

Websites like GoFundMe and GiveSendDo have seen an uptick in the number of transitioners who’ve changed their minds and need money to reverse their procedures and return to their natal sex

Those same crowdfunding sites now see an uptick in the number of transitioners who’ve changed their minds and need money to reverse those procedures and return to their natal sex.

GoFundMe spokesperson Ese Esan could not say how many people have appealed for detransition funding.

Fundraisers have to be at least 13 to make an appeal, and those aged under 18 need approval from a parent or guardian, added Esan.

Among them is Mary Deuhs, from St Paul, Minnesota, who raised $600 for electrolysis to remove the ‘heavy beard’ she grew as a result of taking cross-sex hormones during her transition. Shaving daily causes her ‘great discomfort,’ she posted.

Josie Lewinson, a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, seeks $20,000 for the extensive treatment and even surgery needed to regain her womanhood, including facial feminization surgery and correcting her deepened voice.

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