Prince Harry Slapped His Own Security Guard After A Night Of Drinking

Prince Harry Slapped His Own Security Guard After A Night Of Drinking

In his bombshell book Spare, the Duke of Sussex told how he attacked one of the Scotland Yard protection officers in charge of looking after him.

He had been in Paris when he had too much to drink and ended up assaulting Sergeant Bill Renshaw – who he nicknamed Billy the Rock.

In the book, he says: “When Billy the Rock escorted me back to the hotel, I tried to pick a fight with him. I growled at him, swung at him, and slapped his head.

“He barely reacted. He just frowned like an ultra-patient parent. I slapped him again. I loved him but I was determined to hurt him.

“He’d seen me like this before. Once, maybe twice. I heard him say to another bodyguard, ‘He’s a handful tonight’.”

He goes on to explain how Billy and another officer “poured” him into bed.

But Harry claims he managed to get back up, slip past them and walk along the Seine alone.

In another shocking segment of the book, Harry told how he drove through the Paris tunnel where Princess Diana died to recreate her final moments.

Harry – then 23 – asked his driver to be taken through the Alma tunnel where Diana lost her life on August 31, 1997.

Harry says he wanted to be taken through at 65mph – the speed his mum had been traveling before the tragic incident.

He said: “I’d always imagined the tunnel as some treacherous passageway, inherently dangerous, but it was just a short, simple, no-frills tunnel.”

He spoke to William after the trip, and the Prince of Wales admitted also going through the tunnel himself.

Harry wrote: “Afterwards, we talked about the accident for the first time. The recent investigation. We both agreed that it left a lot to be uncovered. 

“The final report was an insult. A shamble riddled with basic factual errors where logic was conspicuous by its absence.

“It raised more questions than it answered.

“How was it possible, we wondered, after all the years that had passed, all the money that had been invested…?”

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