Washington Department Health urges transmasculine persons cervix to seek out smears cervical cancer


Washington State Dept of Health is facing backlash over a public service message about female sexual health yet the word ‘woman’ is not used once, per Daily Mail report.

The tweet, which was posted on January 9, urged vaccination against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer – while making no mention of women.

‘Transmasculine persons with a cervix should talk to their doctor about #CervicalCancer screening and the #HPVvax,’ it states.

A tweet sent earlier this month showed a photo of what appears to be a group of women standing around in another bid to push cervical cancer awareness – but again failed to mention the ‘w’ word itself.

Yet the tweet manages to avoid the use of any female pronouns, angering women who say their hard-fought equality is being eroded by woke officials’ obsession with ensuring a tiny minority is included. 

A tweet features a message which urges vaccination against HPV which can cause cervical cancer, although in the January 9 message, the word woman is not used at any point

Days earlier, in another public service announcement encouraging people to be vaccinated against the HPV, despite being about female sexual health, no words relating to women are used at all.

”Almostall #CervicalCancer is caused by HPV. That’s why it’s so important to get vaccinated against HPV. Talk to your doctor to see if the #HPVvax is right for you,’ reads the January 9 message.

The Department is headed by Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, who was appointed Secretary of Health for Washington State.

Dr. Umair Shah, is the Secretary of Health in Washington State

The avoidance of using the word ‘woman’ or even any kind of female pronouns has led to people seething on Twitter.

‘This is mental illness,’ declared Twitter user Jeremy Knauff.

‘This is a joke,’ added Cory Proctor.

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch quote tweeted the transmasculine tweet, and wrote ‘TF is this garbage.’

‘If you have a cervix you are a female of either the girl/woman variety. There is no other option except in your imagination. Depts of Health should know better than to pander to imaginary whims,’ wrote one user.

But the offense appeared to run deep: ‘Why are you misogynists trying to cancel women?’ asked another poster.

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