What were the circumstances surrounding Catherine being told she had baby brain?


We have no idea of the tru circumstances surrounding Meghan’s nasty comment to Harry that Catherine has a baby brain, Jen Dot AU said.

Meghan was and is without doubt, insanely jealous of Catherine, so it is unsurprising that she would say whatever she could think up with her infantile mentality to undermine the woman who would always be above her in the British royal pecking order, whether she has an Einstien or baby brain.

One thing is for certain, and that being, Harry adored his sister-in-law, and would have sung her praises, AND hoped that Meghan would have related to her, as his former long-time girl-friend, Chelsy Davy had done.

Catherine is obviously very astute, which is nothing to do with being a great orator, in fact, a still tongue spells a wise head.

I imagine the Catherine had Meghan summed up within five minutes of meeting her, and decided that the less said the better, in her company.

Just guessing, but maybe Meghan asked Catherine’s opinion on certain matters such as feminism, political agendas etc, and the POW would have rightfully pleaded ignorance.

I do recall that Meghan was spewing her political and social opinions to the press from day one, and thought it was obvious that she had a political agenda.

It was also very obvious that she wasn’t the sort of person to play second fiddle to anyone, and was bound to be disruptive to the heirarchical order of the royal family, and I wasn’t wrong there.

What she still doesn’t get, is that the old term feminist has been replaced by the word egalitarian, meaning all humans are equal.

Unfortunately, megan only see’s people below her as equal to each other, but lower than herself. If I could see all this from Australia, it must have been glaringly obvious to the queen and then-Prince Charles.

After having suffered the same predicament with his first wife, who played on her glamour image to draw attention away from the future king; almost setting up her own rival court, surely Charles and the queen should have had the foresight to sit the couple down in private and lay down the rules.

And forcing ones way in on private meetings is not a good look.

Charles tried to caution the duo not to enter the room…check out madam’s defiant expression.
The courtier is seen trying to escort the duo out of the room. Meghan is trying to manoeuvre her way round to the official group, so she can pictured as part of official party. It didn’t work!

Respecting one’s position in the hierarchical triangle would have been a good look for the presenter of the podcasts on Archetypes.

While respecting those lower on in the order of the hierarchical triangle is vital to maintaining ones level and respect from within.

Whether in public or privately, even though the firm tried to protect Meghan’s reputation.

But Meghan and Harry still publicly accused the palace on not offering her enough protection.

With an alleged bachelor of communications degree, Meghan should have understood the importance, as a beginner, of building respect slowly and the dangers of naively interpreting the early situation of mass hysteria demonstrated by curious crowds as a long term example of one’s popularity.

Surely in her long career as an actress she would be aware of how fickle the public is, and that once the immediate welcoming of a new face on the balcony becomes familiar, she would just blend in with the group, and be seen only while on duty, just like the rest of the royals.

Meghan should also have realised that it is only after continued and loyal service, going about her work quietly, that she would really become a much loved royal superstar like Princess Anne, Princess Catherine, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and last but not least, Queen Camilla.

And no, it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles the stress of your work has added to your face, as Queen Elizabeth proved, so spare yourself the dangers of botox.

Jen Dot AU is a former clinician and author in Australia.

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