Why Prince Harry Thinks King Charles Is Just Like Prince Philip 

Why Prince Harry Thinks King Charles Is Just Like Prince Philip 

In his bombshell memoir – which was accidentally released in Spain on Thursday – Prince Harry detailed how his father often didn’t know how to be a dad, and sometimes copied things that his grandfather had done.

Harry claimed that Charles’ notable lack of affection stemmed from his own personal experience as a child.

According to Prince Harry, Charles’ inability to express his emotions was particularly noticeable following the death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana.

In his book, the father-of-two explained how Charles sat on the end of his bed at Balmoral Castle before sharing news of his mother’s tragic death. Despite the heartbreaking news, the Duke further claims that his father did not hug him or show any signs of physical comfort.

Prince Harry’s memoir includes a handful of poignant extracts featuring his late mother. In one particularly memorable segment, the Duke explained how his mother had sorted his 13th birthday present shortly before her tragic passing.

The father-of-two detailed how his aunt, Sarah McCorquodale, passed on his mother’s thoughtful gift which turned out to be an Xbox- Harry adored playing video games as a teenager.

By the time Harry celebrated his birthday, on 15 September, Diana was at rest at her family estate, Althorp.

Elsewhere in his eye-opening novel, Prince Harry claims that his brother turned up “piping hot” to a pre-arranged meeting between the brothers in 2019 to discuss “the whole rolling catastrophe” of their relationship. Harry’s highly-anticipated book hit the shelves globally on Tuesday. 

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