Aaron Rodgers is going on a DARKNESS RETREAT and will spend four days alone for ‘contemplation’ about his future


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted that he will take a four-day retreat of isolation and sitting in complete darkness for ‘contemplation’ about his future.

The star quarterback’s Packers career has been in question since the team’s final game in January.

NFL insiders have speculated he could get traded to the New York Jets or to another team. It is still possible for the three-time MVP to stay in Green Bay and finish his career there.

Rodgers has been working out what to do since the Packers lost to the Lions last month

Rodgers appeared in his weekly spot on The Pat McAfee Show and informed the hosts, Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk, that he will take a unique trip before deciding where to play next year. Hawk asked if the quarterback spent the offseason training.

‘Well, I’m still in the art of contemplation about my future,’ Rodgers said.

McAfee quickly interjected and asked if retirement was on the table for the Packers quarterback, and he answered, ‘yeah, for sure.’

Aaron Rodgers is going on a darkness retreat to consider whether to keep playing in the NFL

The Pat McAfee Show host was surprised that Rodgers contemplated retirement. Then, the three-time league MVP told the show his plans for the coming weeks.

‘I think it’s going to be important to get through this week and then to take my isolation retreat and just be able to contemplate all things, my future, and then make a decision that I feel like is best for me moving forward in the highest interest in my happiness, and move forward,’ Rodgers said.

McAfee and Hawk began to badger the Green Bay quarterback with questions about the retreat he will embark on.

‘It’s four nights of complete darkness,’ Rodgers said.

‘You’re not locked in; no, you can leave if you can’t do it, you can just walk out the door, but it’s a darkness retreat, and I’ve had a number of friends who’ve done it and have had some profound experiences.

‘It’s something that’s been on my radar for a few years now, and I felt like it’d be awesome to do regardless of where I was leaning after this season.

‘So it’s been on the calendar for months and months and months, and it’s coming up in a couple weeks,’ he said.

McAfee, who seemed very dumbfounded at the thought of the trip, asked if it will take place in a house and wanted more details about how the journey.

‘A little slot they’ll drop in some food in for ya, but it’s isolation of darkness. No music, no nothing,’ Rodgers said.

Rodgers admitted the isolation was done alone, and there is also a bathroom for him to use. So no need for him to wear an adult diaper. Rodgers will have four days not to think about the media’s constant attacks on him.

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