‘Andrew Tate fined me for going out and strangled me until I passed out during violent sex’


An unidentified woman who worked as a web cam girl for Andrew Tate has alleged he strangled her during violent sex until she passed out, in a fresh allegation against the influencer.

The 36-year-old misogynist influencer and his brother Tristan, 34, are currently in jail in Romania after being accused of sex trafficking and rape.

The Tate brothers have been in custody since late December and deny all allegations against them. The brothers, who both deny the allegations, will remain locked up until at least February 27 after seeing a second appeal against their detention rejected.

Andrew Tate pictured leaving court in Romania after a failed bid to be released on bail

The woman, who’s now helping the prosecution, told the BBC she was approached ‘completely out of the blue’ on Facebook.

Tate said he wanted her to be his girlfriend and persuaded her to visit him in Romania only to make her work as a webcam girl.

Tate said he wanted her to be his girlfriend and persuaded her to visit him in Romania only to make her work as a webcam girl.

But she said Tate became increasingly controlling, fining her if out without his permission and he then became violent.

The woman – who reported to the BBC – explained that ‘most of the violence was sexual, that’s obviously something that he’s into’ and ‘used to strangle me, to the point where I passed out’.

‘He likes to feel completely in control of the woman and feel like he could take their life away at any second. That is a big sexual turn on for him.’

Sophie also claims that at one point ‘he held me up against the wall and he slapped me really hard and followed it with ‘you whore’.

The revelations come as Tate was accused of violently abusing two women while running a webcam business in the UK.

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