‘I married my wife because she is stubborn and doesn’t apologise’ – Nigerian man says. People react


A Nigerian man says one of the reasons he admired his wife and chose to be with her due to her stubborn nature despite concerns from friends and family.

The elderly man stated this during a couple’s interview on ‘Towards A Happy Home’, as he noted that she also had the issue of not knowing how to apologise but that still did not affect how he felt towards her.

‘My wife used to be very stubborn then. She found it difficult to say I am sorry and people that knew us, it was her stubbornness that they were afraid,’ the husband said.

‘They were like Aji is an easygoing person, how will he be able to manage this person but they didn’t even know that it was her stubbornness that even attracted me to her.’

Watch the video below:

The husband said that a quality he saw which made him to love her more was that whenever she’s determined to do something, she sees it to completion.

This interview has since garnered reactions from social media users:

In reaction, _deagram said; Some women hardly say “I am sorry” tho. They explain till you become guilty. Lol

chinonso_; You can see that there’s no set rules for marriage. Everybody get unique things wey dey want. Maka ndi men are looking for peace yen yen yen. Una don see say baba loves war 😂

iamdupe2upe; From her sitting position sef, you go know say the man no lie😂

cherish_ebosereme_; Awwwn😍 he chose to see the positive perspective of her personality😊 Thank God say I stubborn o😍😂 good quality of a wife material 😌

geegod; His wife wasn’t stubborn but strong willed, we tend to mix these things up sometimes, what he described was strong willed, but kept calling it stubborn, Baba if you meet stubborn you for no dey alive to dey laugh for camera o.

solomonbbuchi; Stubbornness isn’t always bad. Some stubborn people can’t be dragged around or tossed by people. They stand their ground. They are cholerics. They execute. So they actually balance themselves. He’s very soft. She’s strict. Sometimes, the things we dislike about our partners becomes the things we grow to love.

wumitoriola; E be like say me and mama dey same whatsap group,na admin i dey find now😂😂😂

priscilliaanya__; Just be yourself, there’s definitely someone out there who would love you for who you are

healthertainer; Some people’s stubbornness has only negatives. Shebi you heard what he said. “She is a go getter, what ever she wants to achieve she sets her mind to it and achieves it”. that’s doggedness 👏

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