Is Emily Ratajkowski in love with Pete Davidson?

Is Emily Ratajkowski in love with Pete Davidson?

The whirlwind of a romantic relationship between model, Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson took the world by storm after Davidson’s breakup with Kim Kardashian.

Sadly, this new relationship did not last either as Ratajkowski and Davidson have ended things.

The relationship between the two made headlines after Davidson was dumped by Kim Kardashian in August 2022.

Before that, Emily divorced her husband Bear McClard in July of 2022, before getting involved with Davidson around November 2022.

The relationship fizzled out around December of 2022, as Emily was reported seeing making out with someone else.

The breakup

Months after the relationship has ended, Emily has come clean about the relationship and what it felt like.

In a live show appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Emily and the host reflected on what makes Pete Davidson so attractive. In her own words, she said ”He’s a professional. First of all, you should know that about Pete”.

In another show, she mentioned that he has got the height, and that was part of the reason why women found him attractive.

While the romance was very short lived, Emily said she feels like she only attracts the worst kind of men.

Owing to her comment, it can be said that she has cut ties with Davidson, as she is currently involved with artist Jack Greer. The couple reportedly enjoyed a quiet Christmas together.

The aftermath

From all indications and recent social media uploads, it is obvious that Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson have parted ways are not together anymore.

On the other hand, little to none is heard about Pete Davidson. However it is expected that he will get involved with another famous celebrity in no time.

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