Is Zendaya actually talented?

Is Zendaya actually talented?

Hollywood movie stars have gained fame and popularity for different reasons. While some are regarded as veterans in the industry, others are seen as relatively new. For some famous Hollywood stars, they got their big break as adults, and others as young stars.

For some stars, they had their big break from a young age as a child actor. A good example is the popular Zendaya. While she may be known as the girlfriend and love interest of Marvel’ Spiderman, or as Rue Bennett in the teen drama series Euphoria, very few people would recognize her from her early days as a Disney star.

Disney movies days

Zendaya’ first role ever was in the Disney sitcom Shake it up alongside her long term friend Bella throne. She was 14 in the show and it ran for 3 seasons before it ended in 2013. Then she got more starring roles in other Disney movies and series such as Frenemies, Zapped and also the famous KC Undercover.

Her time I’m the Disney world showed how much of a star she is and just how talented she happens to be. Fortunately, her career did not end in Disney as she went on to Hollywood fully and earned movie roles that established her a a talented young actress.

Marvel era and beyond

Zendaya currently holds a starring credit as the character MJ or MaryJane, the famed girlfriend and love interest of Marvel Spiderman A.K.A Peter Parker played by Tom Holland. Their chemistry on set has graduated to a real life romance as the pair are reportedly dating.

Another testament to Zendaya’s talent and success as a young Hollywood star is her role in the drama series Euphoria, where she plays Rue Bennett, a disturbed young adult who is an addict. Her acting was loved by many, and has reportedly earned her two awards courtesy of the show.

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