King Charles Makes Big Change Ahead Of Coronation – And Royal Fans Have Noticed 

King Charles Makes Big Change Ahead Of Coronation – And Royal Fans Have Noticed 

King Charles is quietly preparing for his Coronation in May. Whilst some details about the big day have already been revealed, behind the scenes, the monarch is hard at work, making his own mark during this new chapter at the start of his reign.

Since Queen Elizabeth’s passing in September 2022, the King has been steadily adapting to his new role. He has changed his royal cypher, made plans to appear on stamps and banknotes, and now he has redesigned his official website.

On Thursday, royal fans were quick to notice that Charles’ official statements shared on Instagram were no longer written against a royal blue backdrop, instead, they now feature on a white backdrop which also shows the monarch’s royal coat of arms.

The design replicates the one also shown on the royal family’s official website.

“How do you feel about the redesign?” royal blogger Gert’s Royals asked on Twitter while showing the old and new statements displayed side by side.

She gave her verdict: “My first reaction was ‘OMG!! how could they change it!!’ But then I remembered, things are allowed to change. And I kind of like that Charles’s messages (from this point forward) will have a visual difference from the ones from Queen Elizabeth’s reign.”

“I think it’s a lot better,” remarked one fan, whilst another wrote: “I like it. It’s similar enough but different. Sets him apart from his mother and starts a new tradition.”

Whilst Charles is moving further into the spotlight in the UK, there’s one place he’ll be missing further afield.

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