President Of NATO And EU State Croatia Slams West’s Backing Of Kyiv 

President Of NATO And EU State Croatia Slams West's Backing Of Kyiv 

The president of EU member state Croatia has hit out at US and NATO involvement in the Ukraine war, claiming it is a “proxy war” with the potential to end in chaos.

President Zoran Milanovic described some aspects of Western involvement as “absurd” and claimed “we will not achieve anything” with NATO and US involvement.

Several NATO member states, including the US, UK, and France have recently increased their involvement in the Ukraine War – with additional financial and military commitments.

It follows a barrage of economic sanctions which have been issued to the Kremlin since the start of the war on February 24, 2022.

Mr Milanovic claimed the involvement had initiated a “proxy war” – a conflict in which countries try to increase their power without direct involvement.

Speaking at a press conference in Vukovar, Mr Milanovic said: “Washington and NATO are waging a proxy war against Russia with the help of Ukraine.

“However, if there is no ultimate goal, if there is no plan, then everything will end like in Afghanistan.”

The leader argued against the practicality of intervention by NATO or the US, including sanctions or attempts to depose Putin.

He claimed NATO’s involvement in Serbia in the 1990s showed the “absurdity” of Western sanctions.

He added: “The plan cannot be to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin. The plan cannot be in sanctions.

“Sanctions are absurd, we will not achieve anything with their help”.

“They did not even break Slobodan Milosevic with sanctions. They go from war to war. And what am I supposed to be, a slave of America?”, he added.

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  1. So what is his solution? Let russia overrun Ukraine? Maybe since croatia was once a part of communist Jugoslavia, it will at some time in the future, be “persuaded” by russia to again join the communist camp?



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