Princess Of Wales Has One ‘Strict Household Rule’ 

Princess Of Wales Has One 'Strict Household Rule' 

Inside their family household, not even Prince William is allowed to raise the tone of his voice. The children are encouraged to always use a soft-spoken tone regardless of the situation, this is a rule put in place by the Princess of Wales. 

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have all been under these rules since they were born.

Speaking to The Sun, a Royal Family insider revealed this information by telling the outlet that shouting is absolutely off-limits. None of the children can do it and any sign they are shouting at each other will be dealt with and removed from the area. But what does ‘removal’ mean for kids this privileged?

Instead of being taken to their room or the ‘naughty step’ as most British children do when they misbehave, their parents have decided to take a different approach. They take away their children from the place where the fight took place and talked to them in a relaxed manner.

When they begin talking to their children after a row, they get an explanation of the consequences they face but they never shout at them when they do. Princess Kate and Prince William’s parenting techniques have been notorious ever since Prince George was a toddler. To some, they can be considered too strict for small children but many also believe this should be the perfect way to educate a child.

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