Row Erupts Over Japanese-Inspired Maid Café 

Row Erupts Over Japanese-Inspired Maid Café 

The owners of a Japanese-inspired ‘maid café’ in Manchester have responded after one Labor councilor called it ‘disgusting’ and others called it ‘Hooters for incels’.

Councilor Joanne Harding said Afflecks-based Animaid Cafe, an independent-trader covered market in the city’s Northern Quarter, made it’s fresh [sic] to crawl’.

The staff at the Japanese-themed cafe wear anime-style uniforms, which has drawn criticism.

Cllr Harding, who represents Urmston ward on Trafford Council, tweeted: ‘What new hell is this in Manchester?

The Animaid Cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a Japanese-themed anime-style venue.

‘A “café de mucamas” – Do not touch or ask to touch the maids. We have a gender violence strategy and we ask “is it okay?” – this makes my cool [sic] to crawl.’

Many others chimed in when a follower called the cafe ‘Hooters for incels’, to which Harding replied: ‘It’s disgusting. If you have to have a sign saying don’t touch the maids, there could be a problem. Women dressed in skimpy clothes, acting subservient: what is not to love.

But the cafe’s owners have said the rules, which include not touching the maids or distracting them while they work, exist to empower staff and keep them safe.

Vic Littley, one of the cafe’s managers, said: “It was unexpected and it felt dismissive.” Most of the staff are young women – the post has been made without understanding what we really are.

‘We are a themed cafe where people can play board games, watch anime, sit and talk study. We are not as they are trying to portray us; we are a bubble tea anime-themed cafe.

‘Maid cafes’ in Japan are just one of a host of popular cosplay and theme spots, with the first opening in Tokyo in 2001.

The waitresses wear maid dresses, often Victorian in style, though updated for the modern age and Manga cartoons, with shorter skirts.

They differ markedly from the concept of Japanese hostess clubs, which open at night.

No photos are allowed and the onus is on the food and service, and the cafe’s patrons are mostly young people and families.

Ms Littley said: ‘We are a family venue and do many family event days. Many of our clients are families who always get together and love anime.

“The post was very aggressive and not who we are at all… It invited people to comment that we are some kind of fetish spot, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Affleck is known as a diverse place that is open and welcoming to all.

“Half the rules are completely normal and happen everywhere, like not distracting staff when we’re really busy. We just want to be a safe place for anyone who wants to come.

“The post seemed like an excuse to let people decide about coffee before doing their research on who we are. We are no different than other themed cafes, like cat cafes or gaming cafes that are popular everywhere.

It’s a community of people who get made fun of a lot, so it was sad to see the post. People who feel left out come here and make friends, which is very positive.”

In a statement, Cllr Harding, executive member for culture, leisure and strategic partnerships at Trafford City Council, said: “I am in no way pushing for this cafe to be closed.

“I support small independent businesses, at no time have I suggested that I want this establishment closed.

“It’s also not about stopping young people from getting together and having fun. I’m talking about the safety of women and girls in Greater Manchester in line with our strategy against gender-based violence.’”

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