The Real Reason Behind James Middleton’s Bitter Neighbor Feud

The Real Reason Behind James Middleton’s Bitter Neighbor Feud

After trading the hustle and bustle of London life for the gentler pace of the Berkshire countryside, James Middleton became lyrical about his new town with two cozy pubs and friendly neighbors.

But things are not so kind to one neighbor in particular, as the Mail reported last week how the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother is involved in an ongoing dispute with businessman David Alderton and his wife Karen, who live just 130 yards away.

The couple was initially thought to be at loggerheads over a bitter planning dispute with both men wanting to renovate their homes.

But MailOnline may reveal that the real source of resentment between the warring neighbors stems from Mr Middleton’s passion for piling up aging farm machinery, keeping a dump truck running for hours on end, “pumping toxic exhaust into the surrounding countryside”.

Initially, the two men fell out when planning to renovate their home, but the bitter feud has now escalated, Alderton says, over his neighbor’s hoarding of farm equipment.

Alderton says that after living quietly in the country for seven years, their peaceful idyll was shattered when the Middletons arrived on their doorstep 18 months ago.

He says Mr Middleton has turned his property into what he calls ‘Steptoe’s yard’, after the sitcom Steptoe and Son, with its rusting vehicles and rubble.

Meanwhile, in their escalating dispute, Mr Middleton has reported his neighbor to the police for trespassing on his small 12-acre property, accusing him of being “intimidating” and “disingenuous”.

In an angry war of words, Mr Alderton told MailOnline: ‘We have lived here for seven years enjoying all that this wonderfully peaceful Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty has to offer. But our peace has been shattered.

‘Your property is like the Steptoe junkyard, there are three barns full of old farm equipment, no good for anyone and it’s all within 50 feet of our front door.

“This month we have been subject to the unwanted entry of noxious and toxic fumes into our home from the clearly inadequate machinery you use.

“It is a matter of public record that complaints have been made to the local council, but nothing has been done.”

He is a hoarder and does not say no to anything. He probably thought some farm implements would go well with the new green wellies he plays with.

He continued: ‘It’s old, noisy, dirty, smelly machinery, old Massey Fergusons, an old threshing machine, wood chipping machines, you name it.

It’s a farm, so I guess you think you feel justified in owning farm equipment, even if it’s abandoned.

“But you have a duty to care for your neighbors and the environment; it should not affect those close to you.”

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