War In Ukraine Will Be ‘Much Longer’, Former Royal Navy Head Warns 

War In Ukraine Will Be 'Much Longer', Former Royal Navy Head Warns 

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is far from over and will continue to drag on and become even bloodier, the former Royal Navy chief has warned.

Speaking to MailOnline, Admiral Lord Alan West said the Russian despot doesn’t care if his people die in his desperate bid to take over the country, which he says has also thrown the world economy into chaos.

The former security minister and Cold War commander spoke as Ukraine prepared for a spring offensive that is expected to see some of the most brutal fightings since the war began on February 24, 2022.

Ukraine has exceeded expectations with its fierce defense of Kyiv and subsequent counter-offensives, but West, the former First Sea Lord, said if it weren’t for Western weapons supplies, Kyiv’s armies would already be being pushed back.

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is nowhere near over and will continue to drag on and become even bloodier, former Royal Navy chief Admiral Lord Alan West has warned. Pictured: Ukrainian soldiers drive armored vehicles on an icy road in the Donetsk region.

I’m afraid it will be much longer and bloodier. I think that if we had not given Ukraine weapons, I think they would have begun to be rejected. This means they won’t be,” Lord West said.

‘Even then it will be a stalemate. The losses will continue. Putin does not care that his people die. He couldn’t give a shit about them.

‘It is totally unacceptable what you are doing. He is a disgusting guy. He has unleashed a complete plague on the world. People are starving, and the world economy has been thrown into chaos – he is an absolutely terrible man.

His comments alluded to attempts by Russia, and specifically the Wagner mercenary group, to seize the key city of Bakhmut in the eastern Donbas region, a city in the north that has been the main focus of Russia’s offensive for months.

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