Block ‘Con-woman’ Brag About Blackmailing Ukraine General 

Block 'Con-woman' Brag About Blackmailing Ukraine General 

The alleged international con-woman was first exposed as a fake bidder on The Block by A Current Affair in 2020, and now she’s allegedly been exposed as a fake war hero in Ukraine.

Fajk has allegedly been recorded threatening to ruin the Ukrainian army and blackmailing a general.

Psychological experts believe that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

“If I go out and I start talking about everything I know and everything I’ve seen in the army and how spineless people are, it’s going to burn the army to the ground,” Fajk reportedly said in a recording.

After fleeing Australia for Europe, Fajk then popped up last year as a communications director for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion.

But instead of fighting the enemy, it appears she’s become one.

“He knows, that I know everything,” she said, according to recordings published by the Daily Mail. “I was like look, I want to help this country, I want to help this army, (inaudible), but if this army doesn’t protect me I have to protect myself.”

The audio came to light after the UK outlet published claims Fajk was behind the disappearance of millions of dollars of medical supplies and other donations.

“Like real money, real supplies never went through this office, to begin with, and I was never in charge of it until now, so him claiming I was in a position to steal s—, is bats— crazy,” Faik reportedly said.

The fraudster proclaimed her innocence on Instagram: “To accuse me of working with the enemy … is not only laughable but downright disgusting,” she said.

She then went one further and allegedly took aim at her comrades. “The corruption, the s— going missing, the treatment foreigners get,” she said.

“But if I start talking about this, this army is going to fall apart with all the internal investigations that have to be started. They also know that I have nothing to lose … like if I don’t get a job ever again in my life, though, I would just be bored.”

Criminal psychologist Tim Watson-Munro, who has more than 40 years of experience profiling criminals, believes this won’t be the last we hear of Fajk.

“She’s a profiteer, a carpetbagger, so the perception may be that she went there to help others, but I don’t believe it,” Watson-Munro said.

“It’s always with these people, about helping themselves. She’ll continue to escalate in my view, until she’s caught and, in all likelihood, incarcerated.”

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