Brazilian lawyer appears to calmly chat to his ex-girlfriend – before brutally shooting her dead


27-year-old Michelli do Nascimento was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend Vicente Nogueira, 48, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Police said Nogueira, a lawyer, had been waiting for do Nascimento to arrive when he opened fire.

Vicente Nogueira waited for ex-girlfriend in the garage of his condominium in São Paulo city of Santos

Nogueira shot Do Nascimento twice in the face before turning the gun and shooting himself in the mouth.

27-year-old Michelli do Nascimento was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend Vicente Nogueira, 48

The motive for the murder is yet to be confirmed.

Vicente Nogueira (left) talks to his former girlfriend, Michelli do Nascimento (right), before killing her and then turning the gun on himself and committing suicide

The incident took place Tuesday evening in the garage of a condominium where the suspect, Vicente Nogueira, lived in the municipality of Santos.

Footage shows victim, Michelli do Nascimento talking to her ex-boyfriend as she removes luggage from her trunk.

Surveillance camera footage shows lawyer Vicente Nogueira (left) and his 27-year-old ex-girlfriend, Michelli do Nascimento (right), having a conversation shortly before the 48-year-old shot her after she got into her car

Do Nascimento then handed the briefcase over to Nogueira and proceeded to remove a second one from the rear seat while he waited on the side of the vehicle.

Michelli do Nascimento, 27, was murdered Tuesday evening by her ex-boyfriend in São Paulo, Brazil

She then gestured to the lawyer with her hands as the former couple exchanged words before getting into her car.

Vicente Nogueira crashed to the ground and fell on his back when he shot himself in the mouth after killing his ex-girlfriend

Seconds later, Nogueira could be seen pulling a gun from his left side and firing into the vehicle, punching Do Nascimento twice in the face.

Then he turned to the side, pointed the gun at his mouth and pulled the trigger.

The impact of the shot caused him to fall backwards to the ground.Santos military police recovered Nogueira’s .38 caliber handgun and two cell phones.

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