Brooklyn Beckham Is Teased Over That Bad Nicola Peltz Tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham Is Teased Over That Bad Nicola Peltz Tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham is being teased online after recently debuting another tattoo honoring his wife Nicola Peltz on national television.

The multi-hyphenate, 24, now has a large portrait of Nicola, 28, along with the lyrics to their wedding song on his right arm.

Many have scrutinized the quality of the tattoo, with one person tweeting: “Well at least you can afford laser removal…”

“There is simply no excuse for celebrities to have bad tattoos,” wrote another. ‘You have access to the best tattoo artists in the world, what do you do Brooklyn Beckham?’

Others pointed to the fact that most of Brooklyn’s 80+ tattoos are directly inspired by Nicola.

Brooklyn Beckham has 70 tattoos dedicated to his wife, it’s weird [as f**k]’, said a hyperbolic tweet.

‘I just saw his wife Nicola’s giant Brooklyn Beckham tattoo… is this behavior normal?’ tweeted another.

One reviewer joked that Brooklyn must have gotten the tattoo at a shady discount store, while others poked fun at the artist behind the ‘bad’ ink.

‘Whoever Brooklyn Beckham’s tattoo artist is… I need them to come to the red table. It’s time for an intervention.

Some think Brooklyn will be “sorry” for getting so many tattoos of his wife if they get divorced in the future.

‘AW, that’s so sweet, VOMIT. She will be sorry if they ever get divorced later in life. Idiot! not the brightest tool in the box” read one brutal tweet.

One fan came to Brooklyn’s defense by reminding people that having lots of tattoos is ‘very on-brand’ for the Beckham family, as her father, David, is a tattoo aficionado.

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