Poland Will Be Forced To ‘Enter The War’ If Ukraine Fail 

Poland Will Be Forced To 'Enter The War' If Ukraine Fail 

Poland may “join” the Russia and Ukraine war if the latter fails to protect “independence”, said Polish ambassador to France, Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski.

Speaking live to the broadcaster LCI, the senior diplomat said the situation now is “either Ukraine will successfully defend its independence, or we will be forced, in any case, to join this conflict.”

“Otherwise, our principal values, which are the basis of our civilization and our culture, will be in fundamental danger, so we will have no choice,” Rosciszewski stated.

Rosciszewski blamed Russia for the hostilities which have been ongoing for over a year.

“It was not NATO, not Poland, not France, and not Slovakia that was ramping up international tensions, but Russia,” he said.

Rosciszewski’s statement caught the attention of international media, prompting the Polish mission in France to further elaborate on the remarks made by the senior diplomat.

Jan Emeryk Rościszewski said Poland would have to enter the war if Ukraine failed to defend itself against Russia as the basis of its ‘civilisation and culture’ would be threatened

Polish Embassy in France released a statement in which it said that Rosciszewski’s comments were not just an admission that Warsaw was ready to go to war with Russia, but merely a “warning” and a pledge to continue supporting Kyiv.

“Listening carefully to the entire conversation allows us to understand that there was no announcement of Poland’s direct involvement in the conflict, but only a warning against the consequences of Ukraine’s defeat – the possibility of Russia attacking or dragging into the war more Central European countries – the Baltic states and Poland,” the statement read.

The embassy further condemned the purportedly “sensational” reporting on the bombshell interview, suggesting that some unidentified media outlets may have acted in “ill will.”

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