Princess Diana’s Brother Earl Spencer Blasts Donald Trump

Princess Diana’s Brother Earl Spencer Blasts Donald Trump

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer has slammed Donald Trump, saying his late sister found the former president “worse than an anal fissure.”

The stern remarks came as a direct response to Trump’s claim that Diana, who died in 1997, “kissed my ass” as did the late Queen Elizabeth.

Accusing the former POTUS, who announced his 2024 White House bid in November, of using Diana’s name to “sell some real estate,” Spencer rushed to Twitter to criticize Trump.

“Surprised to hear that Donald Trump is apparently claiming that my late sister Diana wanted to ‘kiss his a–e,’ since the one time she mentioned him to me – when he was using her good name to sell some real estate in New York – she clearly viewed him as worse than an anal fissure,” the 58-year-old tweeted Wednesday.

Trump made the remarks during a recent interview with Breitbart News to promote his upcoming book, titled “Letters to Trump,” which features correspondence with several high-profile figures, including Princess Diana, Kim Jong Un, Oprah Winfrey, and the late Queen.

“I think they’re going to see a very fascinating life. I knew them all — and every one of them kissed me a–, and now I only have half of them kissing my a–,” he said in the interview this week.

Former President Donald Trump at a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa on March 13, 2023

Trump had previously made several questionable remarks about the late Princess of Wales, most notably insisting that he “could have” had sex with her — but only would have done so if she passed an HIV test first.

During a 1997 Howard Stern interview — just months after Diana’s death — Trump was asked, “Why do people think it’s egotistical of you to say you could’ve gotten with Lady Di? You could’ve gotten her, right? You could’ve nailed her?”

“I think I could have,” Trump replied, before mentioning that he’d have her take an HIV test.

The “colorful photo book captures the incredible, and oftentimes private correspondence, between President Donald J. Trump and some of the biggest names in history,” according to the book’s publisher Winning Team.

The book — his second since leaving office — entails a compilation of correspondence from “presidents, royals, celebrities and business titans” that the 76-year-old hoarded over four decades at his various residences, Axios reported.

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