Sarah Ferguson Says She Has No Judgment On Harry And Meghan      

Sarah Ferguson Says She Has No Judgment On Harry And Meghan      

Many royal spectators have shared their thoughts about the Sussexes’ decision to leave. And now, Sarah Ferguson, 63, is opening up about her feelings toward the departure.

The Duchess of York recently sat down for an exclusive interview with People to talk about the release of her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady, which is hitting shelves on March 7.

During the interview, Ferguson shared her true thoughts about the royal pair’s decision to step away from the royal family, saying that she has “no judgment.”

“I don’t believe that any single person has the right to judge another person. I’m not in a position myself to make any judgments,” she told the publication. “I have been judged all my life, and I have no judgment on the Sussexes.”

Ferguson also admitted that Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, would be so proud of her grandchildren. “I think that Diana would be incredibly proud of her grandchildren. And not just the Sussex grandchildren, but Will’s children,” the royal said, referring to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three children.

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