The Hilarious Monikers The Windsors Are Rumoured To Use 

The Hilarious Monikers The Windsors Are Rumoured To Use 

It seems even the Windsors are in on the nicknames if the rumors are true, and some strange and unexpected nicknames include the Queen being called ‘Gary’ and Prince George being nicknamed ‘PG Tips’.

William, Prince of Wales

The Hilarious Monikers The Windsors Are Rumoured To Use

Nicknames began for the Prince of Wales at the age of two, as he remembers his mother, Princess Diana, calling him ‘wombat’ on a family trip to Australia.

In 2007, he told NBC’s Matt Lauer: “When we went to Australia with our parents and the wombat, that’s the local animal.” So basically they called me that. Not because I look like a wombat, or maybe I do.’

According to royal sources, when William and Kate were in the first waves of romance in 2001, the 36-year-old Duke of Cambridge was nicknamed ‘Big Willy’ by his bride-to-be.

Kate’s pet name for her husband now appears to be ‘Bald Prince’, referring to his thinning crown.

But as their relationship turned into marriage, their nicknames for each other have gotten even funnier.

Kate’s nickname for her husband now appears to be ‘Bald Prince’, in reference to his thinning crown.

In Harry’s book Spare, it was revealed that the brothers were named ‘Willy’ and ‘Harold’.

Harry’s nickname for William appeared in the book just before the couple had a ‘quarrel’ and William went to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Harry said, ‘Willy, I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.’

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales also revealed that she was nicknamed ‘squeak’ when she visited her old school, St Andrew’s School in Berkshire.

She said: ‘I was nicknamed Squeak after my guinea pig. There was one named Pip and another named Squeak because my sister’s name was Pippa and I was Squeak.’

Kate is also apparently called ‘DoD’, the ‘Duchess of Do-little’, as the Princess of Wales was rumored to have been criticized by the Queen for not having a full-time career.

In Katie Nicholl’s 2011 book ‘The Making of a Royal Romance’, she wrote that the Queen wanted her grandson to wait for Kate’s proposal until after she had established a career.

Katie wrote: “In private, she (the Queen) had serious concerns and believed that Kate needed to have a job and an identity of her own before an engagement was announced.”

A source said to Sun: ‘Royals aren’t very good at communicating with each other, so this is one way around it. Nicknames are a way to ease family tension.

The Hilarious Monikers The Windsors Are Rumoured To Use

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

While the couple already have nicknames for Prince George too; when she was pregnant, Kate referred to him as ‘our little grape’, while the five-year-old is now occasionally referred to as PG Tips or simply ‘Tips’ after the brand of tea.

In 2019, Prince George took control of his own nickname, telling a passerby that his name was ‘Archie’.

The young prince was walking with his grandmother, Carole Middleton, near their home in Berkshire, when he struck up a conversation with a stranger.

The then-five-year-old began talking to the woman while petting her dog after playing with her younger sister, Charlotte, in a stream.

Kate revealed in 2019 that she names her only child, Princess Charlotte, Lottie. This was revealed when the Princess of Wales struck up a conversation with blogger Laura-Ann and did not refer to her daughter as ‘Charlotte’ in the conversation, but rather Lottie.

Harry and Meghan – Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The Hilarious Monikers The Windsors Are Rumoured To Use

Meghan Markle has reportedly been called ‘Tungsten’ by her father-in-law, King Charles, in reference to the strong metal. Apparently, she gave the Duchess of Sussex her name based on her “toughness.”

Meghan revealed on her blog, The Tig, that her mother has called her ‘Flower’ since she was a child.

Prince Harry was nicknamed ‘The Flash’ in his wilder days, and is believed to be a reference to the fictional army lothario Harry Flashman.

Other more endearing names for Harry include ‘Potter’, after JK Rowling’s boy wizard and ‘Gromit’, in reference to Nick Park’s animated canine creation.

As mentioned above, Prince William called his brother ‘Harold’ during a fight between the couple that Harry wrote about in his book, Spare.

In the book, William is quoted as saying ‘I didn’t attack you, Harold’ when confronting Harry.

Other nicknames for Prince Harry include ‘Baz, Spike, Bazzarooni’.

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