Amanda Platell: Female Royals Must Be Glad That Meghan Is Staying Away

Amanda Platell: Female Royals Must Be Glad That Meghan Is Staying Away
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mark Thomas/Shutterstock (9884053d) Political Journalist, Amanda Platell, at the BBC for 'The Andrew Marr Show'. The Andrew Marr Show, London, UK - 16 Sep 2018

We now know why Prince Harry held out so long before accepting his invitation to the Coronation.

Far from agonizing over his duty to King and country, he was obsessed with the seating plan. He needed to know who he and Meghan would sit behind if she deigned to attend and who’d be in front of them.

What arrogance to refuse to say until the last minute whether they were coming. How rude to fail to reply by the RSVP date?

And all because the narcissistic Prince was preoccupied with his dignity and the couple’s place in the royal pecking order.

Harry and Meghan made their choice. They are no longer working royals. This vengeful pair should be grateful they got an invitation at all.

And given how churlish Harry has accepted it, he should be placed behind a large pillar at the back of Westminster Abbey — an irrelevant spare sitting in obscurity.

As for Meghan, I’m delighted she’s not coming. But not half as pleased, I bet, as the other female members of the Royal Family are.

The sad truth is that since Harry and Meghan went to California, the self-proclaimed feminist and campaigner for female empowerment has done nothing but traduce the women in the Royal Family.

Like a sniper, she’s shot each of them down.

First, declaring to Oprah Winfrey that a senior royal had questioned the colour of their firstborn’s skin implies the Royal Family is racist and making The Queen look bad.

Although the remark was not aimed at the monarch, she would have been deeply hurt as head of the family.

Then Kate was assassinated in the Duchess’s Netflix series with the suggestion that she was cold, unwelcoming and made Megs cry before her wedding. When Sophie, then Duchess of Wessex, offered a helping hand to Meghan, she was rebuffed.

Also targeted was Camilla in Harry’s book Spare, proofread by his wife.

In it, Harry maintained that she threw him ‘right under the bus’ and ‘sacrificed’ him on the altar of her PR operation to become Queen.

Meghan has insulted every senior female member of the family. After welcoming her into their midst, they appeared to be met only with betrayal.

That’s why they’re all so glad she’s staying away. Forever, we hope.

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