Halsey says BREAST MILK is the ‘best skincare ingredient ever’


American singer Halsey, who gave birth to son Ender Ridley Aydin in July 2021, recently opened up about how their skincare routine has changed since the birth of their son with partner Alev Aydin.

‘I’ve always been really conscious about what goes on my skin, but when your baby is kissing you or snuggled up against you, you become hyper-cognizant of what’s on your face,’ Halsey told Nylon magazine.

The singer said they discovered the best skincare ingredient after having a baby. It’s breast milk!

‘I started breastfeeding, and I figured out that breast milk is the best skincare ingredient ever because it’s so full of antioxidants and good fats and stuff that speed up the healing process,’ Halsey said.

Nevertheless, Dr Sushruta Mokadam, who is a Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune, has seconded the singer’s discovery.

‘Breast milk is being marketed as the next face cream, botox, exfoliant, anti-ageing, acne-curing, miracle beauty therapy!

‘If you are a new mom or a soon-to-be new mom with ample breast milk production, your baby may be well fed and you may be wondering what to do with this leftover breast milk. Expired breast milk may appear to be a waste, but there are things you can do with it so that it is not squandered.’

The expert said you can utilise your breast milk to stay fresh-faced and feel rejuvenated through the first few months or even years of nursing your infant.

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