‘I Haven’t Shaved For Years – My Hairy Body Earns Me Five Figures A Month’

‘I Haven’t Shaved For Years – My Hairy Body Earns Me Five Figures A Month’

A Woman has opened up about her decision to stop shaving any of her body hair.

Despite receiving a backlash from cruel trolls who said her boyfriend must be disgusted with her choice, she said he actually loves it – and that her body hair can even earn her big money.  

Calita decided to stop shaving three years ago, including her armpits and her bikini line, and hasn’t looked back since. 

The social media user has since launched a TikTok account, which can be found at @calitafire3.

In her profile, she showcases her body hair and explains why she finds it liberating to be considered a “hairy woman”. 

Calita recently explained: “I think it’s been three years now since I shaved anything – including every part of my body that has hair.”

She also described bikini lines as a “social construct” that she doesn’t buy into.

Plus, she’s used her platform to hit back at critics who have questioned why she would do such a thing. 

When videos of her began gaining attraction, Calita said she was inundated with comments that stated her partner must hate her body hair. 

But she clapped back, as she said: “Don’t know why you are all so worried about what he thinks.”

In a separate post, she added: “My bf loves my body hair.”

And it’s clear that the Spanish and English speaker doesn’t regret her decision to stop shaving one bit.

In another video that she uploaded to her profile, she told her 11.5k followers: “Body hair, don’t care.”

While she also seems to be having the last laugh against trolls, as Calita claimed that having body hair has resulted in her receiving a very impressive salary. 

She revealed: “Body hair is an asset earning 5 figures a month. Thank you, body hair.”

And she’s not stopping there, as it appears she’s also dreaming big when it comes to what could be next for her.

In one more of her recent posts, the social media influencer said she was patiently waiting for a magazine to include someone with body hair – and that she’d be more than up for the job.

As she posted in a white bikini, Calita wrote: “Waiting for Sports Illustrated to have a hair model on their front cover. Hairy women are beautiful.”

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