‘I slipped on black ice and fell on my face – I can’t believe how scary the injury looked within SECONDS’


26-year-old Rachel Pepper was left with a horrific ‘second head’ when she slipped on some black ice while exercising, EsB has learnt.

She was six miles into her morning jog in Chicago, Illinois last month – said she had initially stood up and ‘felt fine’ after falling and hitting her forehead on the tarmac.

The injury show a huge bump visibly protruding from her eyebrow.

‘I didn’t feel dizzy, I was able to walk, so I thought that everyone around me was overreacting,’ Rachel explained.

‘I was confused, because I obviously felt the pressure in my head but I didn’t feel as bad as the bump looks.

‘I’ve never seen this happen to anyone before, and I was a bit worried that it was something in the brain.

‘Shocked, she quickly rushed to A&E where a CT scan thankfully showed that no serious damage was done.

Despite suffering the injury more than a fortnight ago, she’s still recovering at home and has developed a black eye as a result of the injury.

She says the ginormous bump is slowly but surely shrinking.

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