Mom is SLAMMED for refusing to let her 31-YEAR-OLD daughter sleep in the same room as her wife when they visit


A mother has sparked furious outrage after revealing her odd house rule – admitting that the controversial rule prompted her daughter to leave her home in frustration.

The unnamed woman on Reddit is now facing furious backlash after she revealed she forced her 31-year-old daughter and her daughter’s wife to sleep in separate rooms while visiting, prompting her daughter to arrange for a hotel for her and her wife.

The 60-year-old mom-of-two asked social media user who was in the wrong after revealing her daughter decided to get a hotel after learning that she was unable to share a room with her 33-year-old wife, despite being married and having a five-month-old son.

The mom further revealed that she decided to bring the conversation to Reddit after a few of her friends told her was being an ‘a**hole.’

The post read: ‘I am asking here because a friend told me to.

‘My daughter (31F), her wife (33F) and their son (5M) live in a different state. I (60F) always am the one who goes to visit them in their house because of my DIL’s busy work schedule.’

Although her daughter rarely comes to visit, she decided to make a trip back to her hometown – which the mother doesn’t reveal the name of – to see some old friends because her and her wife and renovating their home.

Her mother was excited to have her daughter in town for a few days, but the visit ended poorly.

She wrote: ‘My daughter said she wanted to come and see me and her old friends with her family.

‘They are currently renovating their house – they have a house in our city and usually stay there when they rarely do come over – and my daughter asked me if they could stay with me. I said of course.’

Upon their arrival, the mom revealed that she had prepared three separate rooms – one for her daughter, one for her daughter’s wife, and one for her grandson.

Her 31-year-old daughter was furious and demanded to sleep in the same room.

The mom said she never allowed her son and his wife to sleep in the same room, and they never ‘complained.’

‘When they arrived, I mentioned I had prepared each of them a different room. One for my daughter, one for daughter-in-law and one for my grandson.

‘My daughter said I was being unreasonable and that she wanted to sleep in the same room as her wife.

‘I said I made her brother and his wife do the same thing when they visited and they never complained,’ she explained.

‘My daughter told my daughter-in-law to arrange for a hotel. I was really hurt by her decision and said I hoped she’d just stay and it was a few days.

‘She said she hadn’t slept apart from her wife for the past 9 years and wasn’t going to start doing that now.

‘They left and stayed at the hotel. My daughter is still kind of cold to me and my friends think I acted like an a**hole. Was I the a**hole?’

Social media users flooded the comments section with harsh criticism for the mother, calling her decision ‘weird’ and ‘old-fashioned.’

One person wrote: ‘Unless your reasoning is “the only guest beds I have are singles so I made up three rooms because I didn’t think they’d be comfortable squishing two adults into one tiny bed” I’m gonna have to go with you’re the a**hole.’

Another person questioned: ‘Why on earth are you making married couples sleep in separate rooms?’

‘I think you know the answer here… you’re the a**hole. They’re married with a kid. She’s not a teenager you need to be trying to protect from the atrocity that is sex out of wedlock.

‘As far as your son and his wife, I’m confident that they never openly complained, but had plenty of problems about it behind closed doors and didn’t want to confront you about it,’ said another user.

‘They are a married couple. Why are you trying to dictate whether or not they sleep next to each other? I would’ve got a hotel if I was them too!’ wrote one person.

‘Also, let’s pretend it isn’t an insult to separate a married couple for a moment. Your daughter asked to stay with you, you basically stated your terms for allowing it (separate rooms), and she’s entitled to disagree with it. She didn’t walk over your boundary, she merely made alternative arrangements,’ someone said.

Another user said: ‘You didn’t even give them a valid reason for the decision. Why do you feel the need to control your adult, married children?? Props to your daughter for not giving in to your stupid rules.’

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