Teenager, 18, dies from sepsis just days after finishing chemotherapy and beating cancer


A brave teenager tragically died a week after beating cancer.

Molly Hinchliffe fell ill with an infection due to her immune system being low after she completed chemotherapy.

The 18-year-old then caught sepsis which caused her organs to shut down, according to a close friend.

Molly, from Batley, West Yorkshire, passed away in hospital surrounded by her family.

Pal Courtney Thompson described her as a ‘beautiful angel’ with a ‘heart of gold’.

Writing on a GoFundMe page to raise money for Molly’s funeral, she said: ‘I’m making this about Molly.

We all know Molly beat cancer and she rang the bell.

‘She finished her last round of chemo and has been poorly due to her immune system being low, she then caught sepsis and her organs gave up on her.

Myself and Molly’s family and my family would appreciate the help to raise money for her funeral.

‘We’re all absolutely heartbroken and hurting so much. She is such a beautiful angel. May she rest in paradise.’

Courtney told YorkshireLive: ‘Molly was the type of person who had a heart of gold but would tell you to shut up if you were complaining about yourself.

‘When I first met Molly we were only little and from the moment I met her, she acted herself and I knew I was going to get on with her and be her friend/sister for life, she was so bubbly, loud, and such a funny girl.

‘Molly had no filter at all but that’s what we loved about her – we all needed a Molly in our life.

Molly is also missed by her boyfriend who she ‘really, really loved’.

Courtney said: ‘She always told me how he made her feel special and how much she loved that boy.

‘He adored her as much as she did and they were meant for each other, for sure. She loved doing all sorts of things, anything would please Mol.

Courtney said everyone had been left devastated by her death.

‘We are all so distraught and can’t come to terms with what has happened.

‘I honestly feel like I’ve lost my baby sister and that breaks me, no more random calls or messages or her asking to go on a drive to Krispy Kreme or her randomly coming to our house for our food and to ask my mum where her tea was.’

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