Are William And Kate Adopting Harry And Meghan’s ‘Clever’ Social Media Strategy

Are William And Kate Adopting Harry And Meghan's 'Clever' Social Media Strategy

Prince William and Kate Middleton are following in the footsteps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they are adopting a new approach to communicating with the public via social media.

The Prince and Princess of Wales dropped a behind-the-scenes Coronation footage on their official Instagram account which is something they took inspiration from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking of their new reel, Brand and Culture expert Nick Ede said William and Kate are doing their bit to “rebrand” the Royal Family in this existing era of social media.

“When Meghan and Harry were part of the Sussex royal brand they cleverly used social media to communicate, and I think that the Prince and Princess saw this trend as something they should adopt,” the expert told Daily Mail.

“However, this is not a new phenomenon for public figures, stats from Madonna, the Kardashians and all in between use it to communicate, so it was only a matter of time before when the Prince and Princess would adopt this clever strategy,” he added.

“I think they are doing the right thing creating these short films. They are interesting but also well made, visually engaging, and tell a story from a different angle. We are so used to short-form media with TikTok and Instagram that this is a great way of brand building.”

The expert went on to add that the Royal couple is balancing consistency with modernism to “keep the positive appeal of the Royal Family alive.”

“The behind-the-scenes trend has been one that has been used by celebrities and public figures for many years and the Prince and Princess have realized that social media is a really great way of communicating to their fans, the media and their detractors too,” Ede said.

“This way of offering an insight into their lives allows them to cleverly control the narrative but also show a more human side which for a long time the Royal Family has been criticized of not showing”

Dubbing it a “winning formula,” the expert said the new approach of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be “received positively.”

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