Calvin Klein uses a trans man who has not had top surgery to model female sports bra


Calvin Klein has sparked backlash for using a trans man to model sports bra.

The wears company employed a model, who identifies as a transgender man, to advertise a sports bra.

The fashion house has since been accused of ‘alienating’ female shoppers over decision to feature model who identifies as a transgender male.

In a promotional snap shared by the brand, Bappie Kortram can be seen wearing a pair of jeans and a sports bra.

Bappie, who is from the Netherlands, is represented by a number of modelling agencies around the world including British Zebedee Talent, who describe him as ‘a trans man who has not had top surgery yet.’

Bappie, last year raised thousands of pounds online to remove his breasts.

The model was pictured kissing and fondling another model in the advert for the sports bra, which is sold for £28 in a ‘rainbow’ of colours, in a nod to the Pride Flag.

It was advertised in a number of extra-large sizes, with ‘premium stretch fabric’, and a tagline that read ‘This is Love’.

The advert, which was initially shared as part of the Calvin Klein Pride 2022 Campaign, went viral this week after it was reposted on Twitter by Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis, who posted: ‘Calvin Klein wants to go broke.’

Other users were stunned by the advert, with one writing: ‘Disgusting and I love Calvin Klein jeans. This is not a great ad for his clothes at all. Stop bowing down to all these demands, as this will only hurt your brand in the long run.’

Another added: ‘The bra/beard thing has me confused. If he’s trying to be more feminine, why keep the beard or is this transwomen having beards a thing?

‘Is he just gay and wearing a bra because he’s overweight and think it’s cute? So many questions. Lol.’

A third wrote: ‘Wow this makes the clothes look ugly. I thought ads worked on making stuff look attractive and aspirational?’

One commented: ‘Good for them they feel that good about themselves but I don’t believe most people find this physically attractive or want to see it. I sure don’t!

‘No thank Calvin Klein enjoy your time with Bud Light!’

Another wrote: ‘This cannot be legit. Come on. Let me wake up from this nightmare.’

One added: ‘Gross. A far cry from their haute couture ads.’

‘I don’t understand why they want to promote ugly,’ one commented while another wrote: ‘That must appeal to like 10 people.

‘In their bid to appease a tiny minority, they’re alienating a huge majority!’ another wrote.

This comes after calls were made to boycott Adidas in a row over its use of a biologically male model to promote a women’s swimsuit in its ‘Pride 2023’ collection.

The sportswear giant provoked fury from fans who accused it of making a ‘mockery’ of women when it unveiled an advert for the £50 swimsuit which forms part of its campaign to ‘uphold inclusive values’.

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