Geri Horner Hugs King Charles And Tells Him ‘You’re A Modern King’, Years After She Patted His Bum

Geri Horner Hugs King Charles And Tells Him ‘You’re A Modern King’, Years After She Patted His Bum

Geri Horner has been captured kissing King Charles on both cheeks and giving him a big hug – 26 years after the Spice Girl infamously patted His Majesty on the bum and told him he was sexy. 

Ginger Spice and Charles appeared happy to see each other at the star-studded Prince’s Trust Awards at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

The It’s Raining Men singer, 50, warmly embraced the monarch telling him she was “very proud” of him, the Daily Mail reports.

“I just think he’s a modern king, and when he was 28 years old he started the Prince’s Trust,” the songstress later said, according to the publication.

“He could have been out partying, instead he created this amazing organization – a modern king that believed in investing in the potential and possibility of people. I think the Prince’s Trust is testimony of that, and it works when we just lift each other up.”

In 1997 Geri and her Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown aka Scary Sprice kissed the then Prince of Wales on the cheek in a major breach of royal protocol at the same charity gala.

Geri then proceeded to tell Charles he was “very sexy” before infamously giving him a pat on the bum.

In 1997 Ginger Spice kissed the then Prince of Wales on the cheek

 “I patted it. Patting him on the bottom was against royal protocol but we’re all human,” the Spice Girls told The Times almost two decades after the encounter.

Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell labeled the encounter “the most famous clip of breaching royal protocol”.

“A kiss on the cheek, perhaps, but a pinch on the bottom? A bit too far,” Mr. Burrell told the UK documentary Funniest Royal Cock-Ups. Perhaps a little bit too close to the royal personage or maybe the crown jewels.”

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